From WordPress to Jekyll

This week I relaunched this site as a static Jekyll site. When I first developed my site in 2014 I used WordPress. After assessing my needs I realized WordPress was a more powerful and complicated solution than I required for a site to blog and post links to my latest projects. Below are the top three reasons I chose to replace my WP site with a static site.

3 Reasons To Wireframe in HTML

Most ideas for websites and apps first materialize as a hand drawn sketch. Next, they typically progress to a wireframe, a visual representation or mockup of the layout on a page, created in some type of graphics or wireframing specific software. If your workflow follows this pattern, consider changing things up and mocking up your site or app in the browser. No coding experience? No problem. The simplistic and minimal nature of wireframes make them a great way to start coding. Here are three reasons why you should consider ditching the middle-man software and start coding sooner by wireframing with HTML and CSS.

Learn to Code - Web Design vs Web Development

When starting out learning to code, choosing a path of web design or web development can be overwhelming. In this final installment of our Learn to Code series, we will explore how to decide if web design or development is right for you.